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Below is an article I wrote for the 2011 New Zealand Alpine Journal. I have split it into the 7 sections with a photo album for each. Sitting in a hot pool, ski in one hand and screwdriver in the other – I have to laugh, not what most people think of ski mountaineering! I’m […]

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St Arnaud to Lewis Pass

NZAC ski traverse article continued… The traverse starts in early August 2011 with a steady climb from St Arnaud up to Parachute rock where skis are clipped on. The endless rows of mountains ahead of me are too much to contemplate so I focus on just the next section – getting to Lewis Pass. By […]

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Lewis Pass to Arthurs Pass

NZAC ski traverse article continued… For the next three days I maintain a high state of training by eating, sleeping, soaking in the pools, having a shiatsu massage and eating some more. I then steal Christine’s skis and head off – the skis are really too small for me and the binding setup is one […]

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Arthurs Pass to Hokitika

NZAC ski traverse article continued… I walk into Hunts Creek Hut in the dark and continue the next day through to Park Morpeth Hut via Bijleveld Col, Campbell Pass, Harman Pass and Whitehorn Pass in what must be one of Canterbury’s best ski traverses. My plan was to continue through to Frew Saddle but a […]

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Hokitika to Mt Cook

NZAC ski traverse article continued… After filching a spare part from another set of bindings I head back over Browning Pass with 12 days of food. My plan is to traverse the Divide via Retreat Snowfield, Griffith Glacier and Hokitika Saddle into the Mathias. But a good nor’west beating in my tent while camped below […]

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Mt Cook to Haast Pass

NZAC ski traverse article continued… From Mt Cook I head up the Mueller to tackle the two nemeses that have been lurking in the back of my mind since coming through here last year. Firstly the ski descent of the east face of Scissors – although conditions are stable, it still feels bad and I […]

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Haast Pass to Aspiring

NZAC ski traverse article continued… Once over Gillespie Pass and into the Siberia it is time for more wild adventuring. From a camp in the upper Siberia I head up over Stewart Pass and into the Te Naihi. The scenery is amazing and my grin irrepressible in such wild and remote country – even Moir’s […]

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Aspiring to Fiordland

NZAC ski traverse article continued… After a short break in Queenstown waiting for the storm to pass I am back up the Matukituki to Liverpool Hut. The route over Arawhata Col and through to the Snow White Glacier is straightforward but the lower icefall in the Snow White looks impossible so I Tarzan around on […]

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